Just when Cowboys fans couldn’t be any more annoyed at their franchise quarterback, Tony Romo announces to the media that he will selfishly be sitting through “the next six to ten” national anthems because some “doctors” said he should.

Wow. I mean, just look at some of these quotes, and see if you don’t turn purple with rage like I am now.

“I have a broken bone in my back, so I need to rest in a sitting or lying down position so that my body can heal itself as quickly as possible,” Romo said.

I mean, give me a break. The arrogance, right?

“I will be watching the games, of course, from a seated position in a whirlpool or physical therapy table, with my hand over my heart, because I love this country, and I love football, and I just want to get back onto the field more than anything,” Romo added.

Unreal. This guy just doesn’t have respect for anything, does he?

“My only focus for the next two months is getting better so that I can help this great franchise win a Super Bowl,” Romo concluded.

Really? That’s your only focus? Not the war in Afghanistan? Or world poverty?

Shame on you, Tony Romo. Shame on you.

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