Mixed martial arts Bantamweight fighter Holly Holm has adopted an unorthodox training regimen in advance of her November 14th fight against reigning champion Ronda Rousey: repeatedly pummeling film/television actor Jerry Ferrara.

Ferrara had a notable scene in 2015 summer blockbuster Entourage in which he attempted to last 30 seconds in the ring with Rousey. Holm’s own entourage took note of the sparring bout and co-opted the Screen Actors Guild Award nominee to join Holm’s training team.

“We ring that bell, and then it’s a no rules slugfest until I’m pinned or that fitted Yankees cap is off his head,” said Holm. “He’s been really great, actually.”

Ferrara, who has no formal fighting training, seems to be enjoying the intense workouts. He even told Fight! magazine that he is thinking of opening his own MMA gym if Entourage 2: E’s Revenge experiences production delays.

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