Rookie quarterback Trevor Siemian had such a successful first game, Broncos fans are celebrating by burning Peyton Manning jerseys.

After Siemian led two second half touchdown drives in Denver’s tense 21-20 win over the Panthers, Broncos fans took the streets today to set ablaze hundreds of the #18 jersey worn by Manning, whom the fans seem to view as some sort of traitor for retiring after winning the Super Bowl.

“I’ll never root for Peyton again!” screamed one fan who seemed to be both happy and mad. “We don’t need him, we have Siemian! Good riddance to Peyton! I’m so mad! Mad about it all!”

After the jersey burning, the crowd of mad-happy fans gathered outside John Elway’s house, shouting “We have Siemian, we don’t need you! Get out of town!”

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