After seeing the internet firestorm following the NFL’s hacked twitter account, and fake tweet about Roger Goodell’s death, Rob Gronkowski has now opened his personal twitter account to hackers, inviting them to “tweet whatever you want.”

The Patriots star is no stranger to pranks, having posted a picture to Facebook on April Fools of himself dipping a sleeping Tom Brady’s hand in warm water. Although, a fake death announcement is a few levels darker than Gronkowski is used to.

“I’m game for anything,” said Gronkowski. “It could be photoshopping me into a picture with Hitler, or just like, tweeting out ‘I like butts.’ This is gonna be awesome.”

A spokesman for the NFL said in a statement, “We sincerely hope Mr. Gronkowski reconsiders his elimination of security. But, we also know that by recommending he not do this, we have just ensured it will be done.”

Fans assumed the hack of Gronkowski’s twitter account had begun already when he tweeted out a picture of himself wrestling nude with a panda, but the tight-end was quick to confirm that the picture was real, and that he had won.

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