Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, recently named the Western Conference All-Star coach, gave a rare glimpse into his future game planning when he told reporters that he “absolutely” will utilize the fan-unfriendly “hack-a-Drummond” technique in order to win the NBA All-Star Game.

“The goal of any basketball game is to win that basketball game,” Popovich said at morning shootaround. “We feel that this strategy, which is within the rules of the game as proscribed by the NBA office, gives us a better shot to come out victorious.”

Popovich has assembled a specific “All-Star Analytics Task Force,” featuring some of the smartest basketball minds in the game, to research various ways to gain an edge in the February 14 contest.



“An All-Star team typically scores 1.45 points per possession (PPP), far higher than the norm due to diminished defensive motivation (DDM),” said Julia Demps, an MIT statistic Ph.D candidate. “Whereas, the Hack-a-Drummond strategy should give the East a 0.71 expected points per possession (ePPP) given his 35.5% success rate from the free throw line this year.”

“Math, bitches,” Demps added.

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