Wow. Heartwarming stories like these give us hope for the so-called “me” generation. The good-hearted kids on the San Antonio Spurs still take the time to call their sweet “Paw Paw” Tim Duncan every week.

It’s been a while since Paw Paw Tim had his glory days. He lives a quiet life now, mostly passing his time with bingo games and daytime television. But when kind young men like Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green spend just fifteen minutes on the phone, you can bet it just makes Paw Paw Tim’s day.

“He seems lonely,” said Kawhi. “And when you consider the fact that, without Tim, I probably wouldn’t even be here, well, it seems like the least I can do.”

The loving relationship between these former teammates isn’t one-sided, either. Paw Paw Tim sends each Spur a bag of Werther’s Candy every month, and tells them that they can come visit any time.

“They’re all grown up now, sure,” said Paw Paw Tim, a happy tear hanging in the corner of his eye. “But no matter how tall or successful they get, those are still my little boys.”

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*Two of our writers hit a home run** once
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