Shortly after HBO announced that the next season of ‘Hard Knocks’ would feature the Buccaneers, Rams QB Jared Goff packed his bags and flew to Tampa Bay for “the second season of my TV show.”

“They sure are asking me to move pretty far away, but hey, that’s showbiz, right?” Goff said while putting on a pair of sunglasses. “Life of a movie star, I guess.”

Though the ‘Hard Knocks’ producers tried to explain to Goff that each season of the show features a different NFL team – i.e. the Rams last season, and the Buccaneers this season – they quickly realized that it just wasn’t worth breaking the poor kid’s heart.


“I’m so damn blessed!”

“Jared was a joy to work with last year, so it’s really no trouble,” said one cameraman. “The only problem is that he keeps looking directly at the camera. Seriously, every time. It’s not that hard, dude. Just act natural. But hey, he’s learning I guess.”

Though filming for the new season is still months away, Goff has already arrived at the Bucs’ practice facility and is in the midst of looking in every room for Jeff Fisher.

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