When the Golden State Warriors’ record-breaking season ended four points short of glory Sunday night, no one was more upset than their leader, Steph Curry, who took his frustration to a new level by pulling out his teeth and throwing them at fans.

While some NBA experts speculated that Curry might receive another fine for his action, most were concerned that he was able to remove his teeth so quickly in the first place. The question that many continued to ask was simply “why?”

Curry admitted that his frustration got the best of him after the Warriors were unable to fend off the Cavaliers in the final minutes. “I’ve thrown my teeth before,” said Curry, following the game. “I usually aim for a small case next to the scorers table. That’s where I keep them when I’m not playing. But, I guess my aim was off.”

Curry, who was previously fined $25,000 for tossing his mouthguard at fans during Game 6, may avoid any official reprimands this time because the NBA makes no reference to “teeth throwing” in the official player-etiquette handbook.

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