Having been pulled from Wooden Award contention for academic reasons, LSU freshman star Ben Simmons is confirmed to be suffering from a bad case of senioritis.

“I don’t know what to say other than it’s very unfortunate,” said LSU head coach Johnny Jones. “We’re hoping he can stay [academically] healthy enough to help us for the rest of the way. We’d love to squeeze a few more games out of him, but we thought leaving him in the running for the Wooden would be a bit too much [scrutiny].”

Simmons has reportedly “checked out” of most, if not all, of his classes. The professor of Simmons’ Intro to Sports Management course said the 19-year-old turned in a paper that was comprised of pages ripped out of the textbook and stapled together.

“In all my years here at LSU, I’ve never seen a case this bad,” said the professor. “Then again, I’ve never had a student who was about to sign a $100 million shoe deal in a few months either.”

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