This could potentially be the maddest March on record according to sports forecasters monitoring men’s college basketball.

The NCAA rankings across the country have been especially volatile this season, prompting the prediction.

“What we’ve seen has been a high upset quotient, especially among upper echelon teams,” said one forecaster. “ This is driving an unpredictability system that should contribute to an unprecedented amount of madness this March.”

Another forecaster with Fox Sports added: “The only thing I’m willing to predict at this time is that nothing will be predictable this March. The madness levels will be through the roof.”

While this elevated madness is cause for concern among some experts, others see it as a chance to raise awareness about generally rising levels of madness across all months.

“After this March Madness, people will realize that we are just getting madder and madder and not only in March,” said an advocate for sanity. “If we don’t act for change now, there’s no telling how mad things will get by next year.”

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