Nick Foles chose strategically to avoid attending the LA Rams’ “organized team activities” (OTAs) this week, but he was reportedly “bummed” to find out that no one from the organization noticed.

Since the Rams traded up in this year’s draft in order to acquire quarterback prospect Jared Goff, essentially relegating Nick Foles to the third QB option, Foles has tried desperately to recapture the attention of the Rams.

“Somebody once said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. That person clearly doesn’t know the Rams,” Foles cryptically wrote in an Instagram post below a picture of himself wearing an old Eagles jersey.

“Yeah, we noticed he wasn’t here,” said Rams coach Jeff Fisher. “He wrote us letters, tweeted at the team, and sent a mixtape to the entire staff that he said explained why we’re going to miss not having him around. But, we’ve got like five quarterbacks right now, so, he can stay at home if he wants.”

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