On Wednesday, Floyd Mayweather attended a rally for Donald Trump in Youngstown, Ohio wearing a type of headscarf usually worn by Muslim women. Mayweather canvassed the crowd, fists out, daring anyone to take him on.

“I’m just a little Muslim lady. Anybody wanna try to punch a Muslim?” asked Mayweather. When no response came, he tried again. “I said, ANYBODY WANNA TRY TO PUNCH A MUSLIM?! COME ON, TAKE A SHOT! MONEY’S READY!”

Mayweather then wandered through the crowd at the Winner Aviation building, looking people in the eye and asking softly, “You got a problem with a tiny, little Muslim lady?” A Trump supporter wearing a cowboy hat and wraparound sunglasses approached Mayweather, then abruptly turned around after a five second stare down.


Mayweather made his way to the exit forty-five minutes later as the crowd stared at him silently. He then ripped off his head scarf and yelled, “I thought so!!” as he stormed out the door with his twelve-person entourage.

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