After Tom Brady’s unscheduled appearance at Kevin Faulk’s Patriot Hall of Fame induction ceremony, many other former Patriots have come out accusing Brady of continuously calling them to hang out or “do something.”

“We had some great years playing together, and I like the guy and all, but he’s been really coming on strong lately,” said former Patriots wide receiver Bethel Johnson.

“It’s not that I don’t want to ever hang out with Tom,” said Terry Glenn. “But it’s like, every day he’s calling me to go see Finding Dory, or something. I’ve got a family, you know. I’m busy.”

“I’ve had to change my number. He’ll just keep calling and leaving messages until my voicemail is full,” said a Hall of Fame running back and former teammate of Brady’s, who also had a very successful career with the Jets, but asked not to be named.

Sources inside the Patriots camp have also said that Brady has been seen remarking to himself that he is “soooo bored,” and kicking aimlessly at the practice field grass.

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