As the nation’s animosity for Chris Berman’s larger-than-life announcing style has reached a fever pitch over the years, the ESPYs have begun giving courage awards to anyone who can still stand to watch him.

The Courage Award is presented annually to individuals whose contributions “transcend sports.” And as Berman’s fellow ESPN anchor Karl Ravech put it, “Berman’s rumblin’, stumblin’, and bumblin’ announcements may not transcend sports, but they do transcend comprehension.”

“We wanted our viewers to know that we recognize the hard work they do during the year, as well,” said a rep for ESPN. “Athletes may sacrifice their bodies, but anyone watching Chris Berman is sacrificing their mind, body, and soul.”

Although the offer was made available to anyone in the world, only Terry Farber, a deaf and legally blind Florida native, came forward to receive the award.

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