The UK appears to be on the verge of yet another humiliating defeat at the hands of Iceland, as amateur Icelandic golfer Olaf Einarsson has taken a commanding five-stroke lead over all golfers hailing from the United Kingdom.

Einarsson, who is believed to have tried golfing once or twice before on what passes for a golf course in Iceland, was also a member of the Iceland national team that defeated in England in the UEFA Euro Cup, and is one of roughly three dozen males in the small sub-arctic nation.

“You’ve got to give Olaf credit,” befuddled Englishman Danny Willet asked. “Wait, his name is actually Olaf? I’m losing to an Icelandic sheep farmer named Olaf?”

Sources close to Einarsson have asked us to report that while Einarsson does indeed farm sheep, he is also the police chief of his village, and should be referred to as such.

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