Warriors sources say Draymond Green plans to get around his one-game suspension by sneaking into Oracle Arena wearing a floppy Anderson Varejão wig.

Green has been seen in Oakland arts and crafts stores purchasing large quantities of brown pipe cleaner and yarn, apparently looking to recreate Varejão’s thin, but bouncy, perm-like coiffure.

“I’m not saying I’m going to sneak in, but I’m also not saying I’m not going to sneak in,” Green said while winking repeatedly.

It has also been reported that Anderson Varejão has told Warriors officials that his uniform was missing when he arrived at the arena this morning. “With everything that Draymond said I know there’s a chance that he took it,” said Varejão. “But, this also wouldn’t be the first time the laundry crew forgot I was on the team, and just threw out my uniform either.”

Security officers at Oracle Arena were given explicit instructions to detain anyone entering the building who resembles Anderson Varejão. They were also given pictures of Anderson Varejão, as well, since none of the officers were familiar with what he looked like.

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