Draymond Green is tired of answering critics, and now he’s doing something about it. Green has set up a hotline to field the deluge of criticism coming at the Warriors.

“Hello! Thank you for calling the Golden State Warriors’ Hater Hotline,” says a recorded greeting in a pleasant voice. “If your criticism is general, please press one. If your criticism is coaching or ownership based, please press two. If you would like to criticize a player individually, please press the pound sign followed by their jersey number.”

Green has always been a passionate defender of himself and his teammates, and he’s been doing overtime this offseason with the Kevin Durant signing. The hotline includes recorded responses for every common criticism leveled against the Warriors, as well as a voicemail where callers can record complaints.

“It was just getting to a point where I couldn’t focus anymore,” explained Green. “Like, I couldn’t leave the house without answering questions about KD. Now I can just give them the number for the hotline and be done with it.”

Green said that soon training would be complete for representatives at a 24-hour call center in India to enhance the experience of the hotline.

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