With Game 3 tonight just six hours away, the Warriors’ Draymond Green has begun his customary pre-game ritual of reading hate mail all afternoon until he is filled with anger.

Green—known for his demonstrative, almost aggrieved on-court persona—typically prepares for games by spending four hours filling his head with the most vile insults, slights, and abuse he can convert into motivation.

Green asks an official to insult him. (Getty)

Green asks an official to insult him. (Getty)

“It’s his version of stretching,” said one team official. “A big part of Draymond’s game is emotion—vindictive, prove-the-world-wrong emotion. This is what he needs to get ready.”

Meanwhile, with Game 3 tipoff set for 8 p.m., teammate Steph Curry has begun his game-day ritual of reading pleasant aphorisms and “little stories that make you smile.”

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