Clippers coach Doc Rivers has devised an unorthodox solution to his team’s injury-depleted roster, by signing his other son, 29-year old Todd Rivers. Todd has reportedly not played organized basketball since his stint as the 11th man on his younger brother Austin’s middle school team.

“We signed one of my sons, and it worked out perfectly for everyone,” said Rivers. “Todd will be great, mark my words. He’s got the DNA of a champion: Austin Rivers.”

Todd's dad with Todd's brother (Getty)

Todd’s dad with Todd’s brother (Getty)

Until two days ago, Todd Rivers had been working as a sales representative for the pharmaceutical company Barton Medicinal. He enjoys puzzles and playing Mancala against himself.

“I am very excited to spend more time with dad,” Todd said at an introductory press conference. “Although he did make it clear that I am to call him Coach or Skipper or Sir. No different than growing up.”

Pundits suggest that the new arrival’s presence will help spread the floor for the Clippers’ offense, as Todd plans to spend as much time as possible at least 60 feet from the basket.

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