Clippers center DeAndre Jordan has announced that he will spend the rest of the NBA playoffs as “Mrs. Hooper” to call attention to North Carolina’s “bathroom law”, which many say is discriminatory to the LGBT community. Mrs. Hooper will make her debut during Saturday’s Game 3 against the Blazers.

“It’s time to take a stand,” said Jordan. “And if I have to wear a blonde wig and enormous hoop earrings while pulling down eleven rebounds a game to get people to see what’s going on in North Carolina, then I’m gonna do that.”

Mrs. Hooper is the hilarious and colorful mom in the State Farm “Meet the Hoopers” ad campaign. She often gets into unfortunate and wacky situations such as burning a turkey, pretending she has been robbed, and inexplicably having a white son who has a beard.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said he supported Jordan’s decision. “DeAndre made a bold move in the name of diversity, and the NBA is behind him one hundred percent. Plus, that Mrs. Hooper character just cracks me up. And what the hell is going on with that baby?”

Silver then proceeded to talk down the commercial for the next twenty minutes with anyone who would listen.

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