Looking to cut into Nike’s majority share of the basketball shoe market, Adidas signed the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan and launched their “Sky Jordan” brand.

“DeAndre is synonymous with high-flying action in today’s NBA. We believe his unique and exciting style of play will be a driving force behind sales of our new ‘Sky Jordan’ line,” said Eric Liedtke, Head of Global Brands for Adidas. “[DeAndre] Jordan owns the air… er, sky. I meant sky.”

Adidas officials acknowledged this would be a controversial brand launch due to the existence of Nike’s Air Jordan, perhaps the most famous of all athletic brands. Still, they were adamant that Michael Jordan wasn’t the only Jordan who could sell shoes and that they were “not afraid of him.”

MJ's not thrilled (Getty)

MJ’s not thrilled (Getty)

“We are sick and tired of being bullied around by the ghost of Jordan past,” Liedtke continued. “I think consumers will agree that it is high time for a new Jordan in town. We believe DeAndre can be that Jordan. “

Michael Jordan, for his part, said he welcomed the ‘Sky Jordan’ brand and is looking forward to the lawsuit he is planning to file.

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