ESPN’s latest film, Doc & Darryl, has taken its place as one of the most fascinating and revelatory sports documentaries of the last few years. The 78-minute doc features a variety of surprising and informative anecdotes, most notably former Mets outfield Darryl Strawberry recounting the time he had sex with a female fan in the front row of Shea Stadium during a live at-bat.

“It was an afternoon game. I remember watching [opposing pitcher Orel] Hershiser, and that slow delivery he had when no one was on base,” Strawberry recalled. “And I started thinking, ‘I can get at least one or two rounds of sex in before the ball crosses the plate. And you know something? I did.”

ESPN aired the controversial grainy footage, the first time that a sex-tape in the crowd of a sporting event has been nationally broadcast in over 30 years. Strawberry can be seen engaging in no fewer than three sexual positions with the unnamed fan, before exchanging phone numbers, scurrying to the plate, and roping a two-out double into the gap in left-center.

“The whole thing was a bit of a blur, honestly, but I can still hear Candy Maldonado and Ken Landreaux cheering me on from the outfield,” Strawberry said. “Haha, the 80s were crazy, man. Everyone did [expletive] like that back then.”

According to league sources, very few people did in fact do [expletive] like that during any decade, but far more than you’d have thought did in the 1980s.

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