The Boston Red Sox have surprised fans by installing a 24 hour live stream of Pablo “Panda” Sandoval on their website, where fans can watch the third baseman restore his shoulder to health for the next 6 months.

Red Sox fans have been missing the adorable 95-million-dollar investment, who was placed on the disabled list several weeks ago. Many lamented that it would be difficult for them to get their “Panda fix” as they could no longer watch the player in his natural habitat: next to the third baseline at Fenway Park.

“My kids were devastated when we showed up at the park one day only to find out [Sandoval] wasn’t playing,” Red Sox fan Conor Finnegan told reporters. “ Now they just sit in front of their computer screen, wearing their panda beanies, and watching the big fella gnaw on bamboo.”

A bunch of pandas (Getty)

A bunch of pandas (Getty)

Though the Panda is said to spend two thirds of the day eating, he is not sedentary. Many fans of the live stream remarked he is an excellent tree-climber and an above average baseball player.

Metrics for the live stream show that San Francisco Giants fans, who have been without their beloved Panda for two years now, have also been logging on.

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