Days after Steph Curry’s New Armour shoe line was mocked as bland “Dad shoes”, a coalition of celebrities came to his defense, including Ray Romano, Jeff Garlin, Lyle Lovett, Tom Hanks and a host of other dowdy, middle-aged white men.

The celebrity coalition—which also includes Martin O’Malley, Stanley Tucci, Ira Glass, and Clint Hurdle—convened a press conference to defend the shoes and say there’s nothing wrong with a shoe that places comfort above “all the cheap, whiz-bang style loved by today’s young whipper-snappers.”

Martin O'Malley  offered to wear the Curry 2 Low ‘Chef' around the country. (Getty)

Martin O’Malley offered to wear the Curry 2 Low ‘Chef’ around the country. (Getty)

“Steph Curry has made a great shoe, and these rotten kids would understand that if they’d get off their Twitters for two seconds,” said Tom Brokaw, reading the celebrity statement, which was also signed by Kelsey Grammer, Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Cook and Larry Bird.

Asked for comment on the celebrity endorsements—which also include Colin Firth, Rex Ryan, and Dennis Quaid—Curry said simply “Stop, you’re not helping.”

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