After yet another scintillating performance, MVP Steph Curry has announced that he will be leaving the NBA to pursue his dream of joining a Double-A baseball team.

“I’ve come to the point in my career where the next logical step is to play minor league baseball,” Curry told reporters. “I’ve always believed in emulating the greats. It’s gotten me to this point, so why stop now?”

Legend. (Getty)

Legend. (Getty)

“Naturally we’re all disappointed,” said Golden State coach Steve Kerr “but Steph’s a great player, and if there’s one thing I know about great basketball players it’s this: they make alright baseball players.”

Curry is said to be fielding offers from several minor league baseball teams, most notably the Birmingham Barons, who released a statement saying “Steph has the potential to be the best the team has ever seen — with the exception of Michael Jordan, and all the players who spent decades developing their baseball skills, and especially players that were actually good enough to be brought up to the Majors.”

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