The internal scene was reportedly “very awkward,” after it was revealed that team owner Jerry Jones had released injured wide receiver Dez Bryant from his fantasy team.

Jones apparently plays in a high-stakes fantasy league for billionaires, reportedly with weekly stakes in the low seven figures. Jones’ team, “Jerry’s Kids,” was in need of a kicker, and sources close to Jones claim that he simply could not spare the roster spot.

Jones met with a tearful Dez Bryant, along with his agent, at a closed door meeting to break the news in person. Still, team sources report that the transaction has rubbed several high-level executives in the organization the wrong way.

“You don’t just cut a guy loose like that,” said one anonymous source inside the Cowboys front office. “You stash him on your bench and ride it out. These are real, fantasy human beings we’re talking about, with real, fantasy emotions.”

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