With the Chicago Cubs off to a historically great start, super cool manager Joe Maddon has offered his players the option to work from home on Fridays.

“My philosophy as a manager has always been that as long as you get your work done, I don’t care if you’re at the ballpark, at home, or on a waterslide in Costa Rica,” said Maddon really coolly. “From that perspective, I don’t see how a ballclub is any different from a tech startup.”

Such a cool boss. (Getty)

Such a cool boss. (Getty)

Cubs slugger Anthony Rizzo has become the first player to take cool guy Maddon up on his offer, staying late on Thursday to get all of his at-bats done before he went home. Rizzo pre-went 2-5, with a double and two RBIs for Fridays game.

Cubs ace Jake Arrieta, though admittedly thankful for the cool opportunity from his cool manager, noted that he actually prefers going in to the ballpark to pitch baseballs and get all of his filing and expense reports finished.

“I like to think of us not as a ballclub but as an office, and really, not as an office, but as a family, and honestly, not as a family, but as a team, does that make sense?” said Maddon so coolly. “Also, we’re replacing our dugout bench with cool inflatable balls you can sit on.”

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