Current UFC Featherweight champion Conor McGregor announced today he has dropped 20 pounds to compete as a jockey in the Preakness Stakes.

If he successfully completes the race this Saturday, McGregor will become the first ever athlete to crossover into horse-jockeying.

McGregor, who is known for his brash trash talk and most recently challenged boxing champ Floyd Mayweather to a bout, apparently could not keep his competitive juices at bay.

“I didn’t like the way that bastard Nyquist was neighing and nawwing about winning the Kentucky Derby. They told me I couldn’t run the race myself, but that I could be one those wee men that ride and hold on to a horse for dear life, so here I am,” McGregor told us over a meal of celery and several grains of rice.

He went on, “What kind of name is Nyquist anyway? I thought my name was white, but Nyquist is god damn translucent.”

At 125 pounds, McGregor will also be one of the heaviest jockeys to compete.

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**It was in a video game.