With friction mounting over promotional responsibilities, Conor McGregor and Dana White have agreed to duke it out in the parking lot outside of UFC 200.

“Frankly, I’m going to beat his ass,” said McGregor, never one to lack of confidence. “His soft little body makes me laugh. He’s going to wish he never asked me to do all those promotional photo shoots.”

Dana White, for his part, wasn’t shying away from the confrontation either. He noted that as this was a parking lot brawl, he would not be encumbered by the rules of the UFC.


“I’m absolutely bringing brass knuckles,” said White at a recent training session. “I’ve also been working with my coach on my eye-gouges and biting skills. He may out-grapple me but I can make sure I have the advantage when it comes to nut-punches.”

Ticket sales to McGregor vs. White: Parking Lot Bout have already outpaced sales for the UFC 200 fights taking place inside the arena.

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