Believers of the Chicago Cubs’ famed “Billy Goat Curse” have grown increasingly uneasy upon learning that Giants postseason hero Conor Gillaspie owns a pet goat – and that the goat is a direct descendant of the famed billy goat that’s haunted the Cubs all these years.

“Frankly, it’s weird that the guy owns a pet goat in 2016,” said one Cubs fan, guzzling a Miller Lite to fend off his nerves. “But the fact that he gave the goat a DNA test, and found that it’s the grand-goat of the billy goat that was kicked out of Wrigley Field more than 70 years ago – well, that can’t possibly be good.”

“I’m a goat guy,” Gillaspie explained. “Always been a goat guy. Now, did I intend to adopt a goat whose very presence would all but ensure the Cubs’ swift and tragic downfall? No. But am I ok with that result? Absolutely.”

When pressed for comment, the goat made goat sounds. However, a Chicago-based goat-linguist has reported that the sounds loosely translate to “revenge.”

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