The LA Clippers organization is now following the model of the Chicago White Sox, discouraging employees from bringing their children to games, practices, and team meetings.

Clippers coach and general manager Doc Rivers was asked to stop bringing his son Austin, a 23-year old guard, to work every day. Both sides agreed that a compromise could surely be made, in which Rivers could bring his son to home games and even some press conferences.

“We love young Austin, but we don’t want to create a situation where every player is just bringing his child into work every day,” noted Clippers president Steve Ballmer. “We had a policy at Microsoft, that you could only bring your child in once per year, and that worked out nicely.”

Rivers is currently averaging 8.1 points per game on 43% shooting. He has apparently been embraced by the entire team and its staffers, who are displeased by Ballmer’s decision.

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