After losing a second round series to the Oklahoma City Thunder, the always-classy Tim Duncan hugged and provided some personal words of appreciation to every member of the opposing team and every single one of the 18,203 fans in the crowd.

“You have a great spirit, I admire your beautiful sense of pride in this wonderful and talented Thunder team,” said Duncan as he embraced Maria, who sat in Section 203 for game 6.

“You danced and pumped your fists during timeouts, and I have no doubt that the echoes of your enthusiasm helped enliven Andre Roberson tonight,” noted Duncan as he hugged Ted, who sat in section 106.

As of press deadline time at 5am, Duncan had made his way through about one-fifth of the crowd. The maintenance crew at Chesapeake Energy Arena politely asked Duncan if they could begin closing up, and after receiving their own personalized hugs and sentiments, they all agreed that he can do whatever he wants.

“Legend,” said the Oklahoma City custodian J.R. Reffian. “The man is a legend.”

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