Philadelphia Eagles’ Head Coach Chip Kelly said Friday that Tim Tebow will make the squad and may even start at quarterback with Sam Bradford moving to wide receiver, because players are merely game pieces to be maneuvered by the master hand of Chip Kelly.

Kelly, who controls roster decisions and virtually all aspects of Eagles operations, angered fans by trading away popular and successful quarterback Nick Foles for the unproven Bradford. But Kelly has defended the move, saying Foles and Bradford “are interchangeable widgets in the Chip Kelly Machine.”

“Foles, Bradford, Tebow, Jaworkski—it doesn’t matter who plays QB,” Kelly said. “What matters is that whatever humanoid is under center moves his body in the prescribed manner to execute the plays called for by the Chip Kelly system.”

Kelly also noted that he hasn’t ruled out making Bradford the punter, Demarco Murray the long-snapper, and swapping entire offensive rosters with nearby Temple University.

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