The San Diego Chargers stuck to their game plan. For three quarters they had their way with the Denver Broncos, and went into the fourth quarter up 21-3. All they needed to do was give up 18+ points and lose the game in dramatic fashion like usual, but they were unable to come through for their fans, and won the game.

“What can I say, it’s disappointing,” said Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers. “You prepare all week to play great for three quarters and then blow it in the fourth, and well, it didn’t work out like we planned tonight.”

Although the Chargers didn’t finish what they set out to do, lose the game at the last minute, it wasn’t for lack of trying. They gave up a touchdown and a field goal, the latter of which would have been a CJ Anderson touchdown had the refs not rightly (wrongly) called it back for holding.

Chargers’ coach Mike McCoy, speaking after the game, vowed to turn things right back around for his team. “You can’t panic after one game. Obviously, this didn’t turn out like we hoped. But we’ve got plenty more games coming up where we can shit the bed.”

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