The excitement Kevin Love felt when he was ruled eligible to return to practice, after going through the lengthy concussion protocol, was quickly stamped out when his teammates ruled him ineligible to sit with them at lunch.

“It had just gotten weird,” said LeBron James. “Sometimes people just grow apart. It happens. We’re not saying he can’t eat lunch at all, just not with us.”

Reps inside the Cavs organization said the atmosphere amongst the team has become extremely segregated. “LeBron’s sitting there with Kyrie, and Shumpert… and J.R. Smith, and Mozgov, and Dellavedova. Come to think of it, in the lunchroom it’s pretty much the entire team sitting at one table, and then Kevin Love at another; way across the room,” explained a senior Cavalier lunch attendant.


“I expected that some things would change when I came back, but this…this really stinks,” said Love, while wistfully tossing chicken fries into his mouth. “You build up a certain rapport with your team when it comes to lunch, and you hope it’s strong enough to uphold a little adversity. Maybe we’re not as strong of a lunch team as I hoped we were.”

Cavs Coach Tyronn Lue has yet to indicate what the status of Love’s eligibility will be for tomorrow, but sources say he is leaning towards keeping Love out of lunch at least one more day.

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