Tim Duncan could have been truly great. Sure, his five championships and numerous All-Star appearances and unquestioned reputation as a truly great leader and teammate are nice.

But just think about how good he could have been if Wake Forest hadn’t robbed him of those useless sophomore, junior, and senior years. Everyone knows that you only need one year in college in order to get drafted into the NBA, and being drafted in the NBA is the only reason to attend college, ergo, the other three years are useless.

What a waste. (Getty)

What a waste. (Getty)

Man, with those three extra years, he could have been floundering with an undeveloped post-game against guys 80 pounds heavier. He might have made some really fun but terrible investments with the money from his first contract at age 19. He could have become best friends with David Robinson instead of just lifelong very good friends.

I know, I know, Duncan was really “talented” and “mature” and “had a career that literally everyone would envy” and “inspired a generation of younger athletes to believe that you can be a Hall of Famer AND still get a college degree.” But if you really think about it… ya know… imagine if he’d played 22 years instead of 19… uh…

Okay, I got nothing. Duncan is perfect.

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