The New England Patriots proudly announced today that both of their quarterbacks have secured exciting partnership deals. Tom Brady will be designing a new line of luxury Aston Martin cars, and Jimmy Garoppolo will be designing a new line of fun male rompers.

“I just hope this doesn’t cause a rift between Tom and me, being that I have this awesome opportunity with the male rompers and he’s doing some car thing,” said Garoppolo.

“I don’t wanna step on any toes.”


The Aston Martin line that Brady will be curating will produce a limited run of 12 vehicles. Garoppolo’s male romper line is reported to be mass produced and sold at the male version of Dress Barn, Dress Barn for Men.

Brady’s endorsement portfolio also includes partnerships with Under Armour, UGG boots, and Tag Heuer watches. Garoppolo, in addition to the male romper line, has now secured endorsement deals with a new company selling halter tops for men, slap bracelets, and male jellies.

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