In a surprising move, the Toronto Blue Jays announced Friday that they will be changing the franchise name to “Blues from the 6.”

The name change came without warning, except for what could be considered small clues on the team’s social media pages.

“It’s effective because we are in fact ‘from the 6,” explained Blues from the 6, or “BLUES”, general manager Ross Atkins. “We feel the name is representative of a more pragmatic, mature team. Also, it’s undeniably catchy.”

Sometimes you just can't stop the feels (Getty)

Sometimes you just can’t stop the feels (Getty)

After losing to the Kansas City Royals in the ALCS last fall, the then-Blue Jays apparently found themselves somewhat lost and overcome with light sadness. The team says the name is meant to be reflective of those feels.

“We’ve always been the BLUES,” said right-fielder Jose Bautista. “I guess we know ourselves.”

The BLUES also announced that they will be changing their mascot from “Ace” the Blue Jay, to “Aubrey”, a somber man in an oversized turtleneck sweater.

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