NASCAR driver Darrell Wallace Jr.’s race took a surprising turn when he was pulled over by Dover police at the New Hampshire Motor speedway this Sunday. Wallace was questioned by police for forty-five minutes and finished the race in 39th place. He was given a ticket for speeding and driving an unregistered vehicle.

No driver has ever been pulled over during an official NASCAR event, but Dover police chief Andy Troxell said this was a special case. “Mr. Wallace was driving very suspiciously,” said Troxell reading a report. “He was going at speeds that are generally considered reckless in a high traffic area. Also, there was reason to believe that he had several previous violations.”

When asked if police pulled over Wallace because he was black, Troxell laughed. “That’s ridiculous. We all know that there’s no such thing as a black NASCAR driver.”

Wallace tried his best to get past the incident. “Police have ticketed me dozens of times. I once got pulled over while driving a golf cart. But never on a NASCAR track. Weaving in and out of cars at 218 miles per hour is the one place I feel safe.”

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