After a huge win against the Patriots, Buffalo Bills fans gave coach Rex Ryan the ultimate tribute by slamming him through a table. When Sunday’s game was over, dozens of cheering Bills fans carried Ryan into the New Era Field parking lot. They then carefully placed him on a table while one fan jumped off a car and sent them both tumbling to the ground. Hundreds of fans cheered as an ambulance made its way through the crowd.

When asked how he felt about getting slammed through a table, Ryan said, “Great. Our fans are some of the best in the world. And I have a slipped disc in my back to prove it.”

Bills fan Davey Butler defended the celebration saying that it was part of tradition. “Some fans wave towels. Some wear face paint. Here in Buffalo, get drunk and knock the hell out of each other.” Butler then climbed on top of an RV and did a flip onto a searing hot gas grill, giving him marks on his back that will last for years.

Ryan said he hopes the Bills continue their winning streak, so that next week he can get tossed into an enormous pile of beer cans.

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