All of Red Sox Nation is celebrating their team’s massive free agent signing of former Cy Young Award winner David Price. All of them except David Ortiz.

“Lefty David, that’s the nickname I’m known for,” Big Papi told reporters. “David the Lefty, Left Side Dave, Southpaw D-Man of Southie. Now, people won’t know who they’re talking about.”

David Price, a left-handed power pitcher who went 18-5 last year, has graciously acknowledged that he’s the new guy in town, and that any “left-handed Dave” references should definitely be intended for Ortiz.

“He’s the veteran, he’s the hometown hero,” Davey Boy Lefthand said in a statement to The Boston Globe. “I’ve been a fan of David ‘The Sinistral Bopper’ Ortiz for 15 years man. This is still his team.”

Ortiz was seen speaking with Red Sox pitching coach Carl Willis about the possibility of Price pitching righty, if only for the seven-year length of his contract. Willis seems willing to try the strategy, but noted that switching arms at age 30 has historically proven difficult for most pitchers.

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