Rookie quarterback Jared Goff, upon learning that he would not be starting for the foreseeable future, received his very own “coloring playbook” from Rams coach Jeff Fisher.

“I drawed a dragon, and a sailboat, and then I sailed the sailboat to Dragon Island,” Goff boasted, laying on his stomach on the Rams’ locker room floor.

Goff has earned praise for his exceptional ability to tune out the media and stay focused on coloring inside the lines. The versatile first-overall 2016 draft choice has developed proficiency using both crayons and colored pencils.

“Practices have been much more efficient since we put Lil Goffy in the corner working on his doodles,” Fisher noted.

“They’re not doodles, they’re art! GOD!” whined Goff, while sipping on a juicebox he brought from home.

We can't play sports*, but we can make jokes about them!

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