Steph Curry has won his second consecutive NBA MVP award, becoming the first unanimous MVP awardee in NBA history and finally winning the respect of a Facebook user named Craig.

“Imma be real, Jordan will ALWAYS be the no 1 GOAT but Steph Curry has my respect 4 all he’s done on the court and being the 1st UNamious MVP!!!! Still not as a good a team as the JORDAN BULLS or KOBE LAKERS at their peak tho,” Craig wrote in an undoubtedly influential and perception-shifting Facebook comment on a post announcing the award.

“I feel humbled and honored to be mentioned with the greats in Craig’s Facebook comment,” Curry said in a press conference he called for the sole reason of addressing Craig’s comment. “The 73-9 record, the 3-point record, the MVPs, the multi-million dollar endorsements, my championship from last year and even the love of my awesome family don’t hold a candle to this accolade. Having his respect is what I play basketball for, and I hope to repay his faith in me with my performance on the court.”

As of most recent reports, Craig’s comment has surpassed 7 likes.

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