As of 3:29 this afternoon, the Associated Press has officially called the Stanley Cup Finals for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

With 57% of the 7 games reporting, the AP’s hockey mathematicians project the Penguins as the clear winner, although other news organizations have yet to call it and cautioned against a premature winner announcement.

The AP projected Penguins as a winner following Eric Fehr's Game 4 goal. (Getty)

The AP projected Penguins as a winner following Eric Fehr’s Game 4 goal. (Getty)

“We are not yet comfortable projecting the winner until 100% of the games have reported,” the San Jose Mercury News said in a statement on its web site.

Hockey pollsters said this series recalls the infamous debacle in 2000, when news organizations first called the series for the Devils after Game 4, then for the Stars after Game 5, then again for the Devils after a decisive Game 6.

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