The Cleveland Indians are leading in the World Series, bringing their team close to the point of being good enough for their fans to be mad about their racist logo.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be winning a playoff game,” said Indians owner Larry Dolan. “But I’m a little apprehensive about the backlash this success is going to bring against our team’s racist motif. I’m not sure Chief Wahoo will survive any serious scrutiny. I mean, just look at him.”

Even in the stands, as the victory was wrapping up, fans looked around at one another wearing hats adorned with the smiling, blatantly racist indian chief logo, and began to question if their team was in fact engaging in racist appropriation of Native American culture.

“I’m looking at this smiling indian now and… oh crap, I shouldn’t say indian, huh? I meant… This Native American gentleman logo seems off to me,” said one fan. “It’s just, the last time we were really good was the 90’s, and for some reason this seemed okay back then.”

The Indians front office confirmed that if they win this series they will have to hire an outside PR consultant to begin crafting a strategy to deal with the outcry against Chief Wahoo.

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