This Sunday, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton will kneel for the national anthem to protest what he called “Steelers brutality.” Dalton cited the Steelers systematic pattern of “sacks, interceptions, head shots and thumb maiming” as going too far.

“These members of the Pittsburgh defense have been doing this week after week after week,” said Dalton. “And someone needs to take a stand. If we don’t protest this out-of-control defense now, they’ll keep doing it to other quarterbacks until they brutalize their way all the way to the Super Bowl.”

Dalton said he was not alone in his opinion. “A lot of quarterbacks feel the same way I do, and they want something done. They’re just afraid that if they go public with their concerns, they’ll get sacked even harder. Well I’ll take the heat if it means changing things and walking away with a high quarterback rating.”

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said he supported Dalton’s right to protest, but wasn’t sure Dalton was going about it the right way. “The actions of a few Steelers does not reflect the NFL as whole. Some Steelers are good people, most notably the ones that let us win.”

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