In an entirely predictable twist of fate, Alaska University has again secured a commitment from the top high school recruit in Alaska.

“I’m super excited to play for Coach Rick Stevens and to not have to move thousands of miles away,” said running back Chase Padgett. “Even Seattle is 2,200 miles from here. That just seems like a huge hassle.”

It’s the tenth consecutive year Coach Stevens has nabbed the top recruit in Anchorage, which is located in a remote, mountainous region that is inaccessible to outsiders during most of winter.

“We don’t just call recruits, we visit them,” Stevens said. “Other coaches don’t do that, either because they don’t care or don’t have access to a ferry.”

Alaska’s No. 2 recruit, defensive lineman Jake Reese, did not sign with AU, opting instead to wrestle bears in Russia.

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