In a shocking turn of events the San Antonio Spurs won their game last night, but lost one of their most valuable players, as Manu Ginóbili, after hitting an unintentional trick shot, was immediately signed by the Harlem Globetrotters.

Ginóbili was attempting to loft a pass to teammate LaMarcus Aldridge for an alley oop, but instead threw the ball clean through the hoop for a long three-pointer. Representatives for the Globetrotters moved in quickly, approaching Ginóbili before the ball had even hit the floor.


“Manu has all the things we look for in potential team members: being able to hit weird shots,” said Al Clockler, the team’s head talent scout. “Also, he’s white, and diversity is big for us right now. He is white, right?”

Ginóbili said he was sad to leave the Spurs, but excited to continue his career on a team that he could reasonably play on for the next 30-40 years.

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