After a lackluster start that saw its viewing audience steadily decline, “LA: Rams” has been cancelled after only one week. The franchise will instead show reruns of “The Rams of St. Louis” through the end of the season.

Daniel Levin, director of programming for the NFL, said that “LA: Rams” did not live up to its tremendous potential. “We had high hopes for the exciting thrill ride “LA: Rams”, but unfortunately it did not perform for our audience as we predicted.”

Levin said there’s still a lot to like about “LA: Rams” despite the cancellation. “We see a bright future for young stars like Todd Gurley and Jared Goff, but we did not feel that this was the best vehicle to showcase their talents.”

“LA: Rams” will be shelved until further retooling. Insiders say there’s a chance it will come back under a different name in the Fall. Some possibilities include “Here Come The Raiders” and “Chargers: Reloaded.”

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