The bad news just keeps coming for Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who sprained his thumb while clearing a roster spot on his fantasy team by dropping himself.

Peterson is expected to miss 2-4 months from NFL action, and 2-3 weeks from fantasy action.

“I gotta do it,” said Peterson, as he tried to pick up Matt Asiata on waivers. “Just gotta hit this one button and OH GOD THE PAIN.”

Peterson’s fantasy team, “Mini-Apple-Less,” has been bitten by the injury bug after he drafted Keenan Allen, Ameer Abdullah, Jay Cutler, Doug Martin, and Rob Gronkowski. To replace their productivity, Peterson traded for Le’Veon Bell, Tom Brady, Josh Gordon, and Tarvaris Jackson, who is no longer in the league.

Annoyed at his latest injury, Peterson let out an annoyed sigh, tearing three vocal cords in the process.

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